State of the forum: We're doing well!

Just a couple of administrative notes… because all is going well, I think. We’ve got a base of 169 signups, and nearly 60 of them active users. We’re seeing a couple of new topics each day, plenty of topic replies, and an average of one new signup too. And with over 20 likes a day, we’re evidently appreciating each others’ contributions.

I noticed quite a few accounts from the original wave of signups (more than a month ago) had never visited. In those days we had no outgoing email so I was activating accounts by hand. That worked, for a lot of people, but those silent accounts might need perking up - so I’ve resent their validation email, for about half of them, and I notice a good half-dozen people have now visited for the first time. Welcome!

The forum has now sent over a thousand emails, with only a handful of bounces. Better than 99% delivered, which seems pretty good to me. Please, if you don’t want the summary email, unsubscribe - don’t mark it as spam! And conversely, if you know anyone who might enjoy this space we have, please spread the word.

Quite a few people have mentioned some very compelling things in their Introduce Yourself posts - please do followup with a thread, if you have the time and energy. You may well bring out some great responses. Posts with photos of your setup, or any unusual system you own, will always be appreciated.


Thanks, Ed and well done.


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Oops, not so well done as it turns out: of the 17 old and inactive accounts which I tried to reinvigorate, 6 promptly confirmed but the system automatically deleted the other 11. That isn’t what I’d wanted! So, I’ve just sent 11 invitations to those people manually - let’s hope they join up and forgive me. Or at least, join up.


I haven’t been here since opening and @EdS I must tell you that I’m very pleasantly surprised. Design is very nice - site is a beauty actually - and functionality is great, features are fantastic!

I like very much that you implemented time range and above all that columns/tables can be sorted! :smiley:

Also, shortcuts; j/k up/down! Hurrah!!!

Great job well done, thanks & kudos!

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Good to see your first post here, and thanks for the kudos… but really this is pretty much an out-of-the-box installation. It’s the forum software, Discourse, which is doing all the work - all we have to do is provide the interesting posts!


So did this site get rebooted? I have notes where I thought I added an account here on March 9th, and when I came back it seemed to be gone.

This was location #1 for G+ refugees on the retrocomputing topic. what was the other one? Maybe I misremembered.


Welcome back! I made a mistake and a few inactive accounts of early joiners - including yours - got deleted. About half of those have come back. I have pinged all those accounts but I can’t keep doing that because they are no longer members, so it would be a bit spammy. The last thing we want is for the forum’s mails to get a bad reputation.

I’m not aware of another successful attempt at reforming the G+ community: there is or was some action on MeWe and on YouMe, and doubtless on Facebook too. There is also activity on Diaspora and on Mastodon, although I find the facilities and interactions on those platforms not quite ideal for me. Now that this forum is successfully bootstrapped, with about 60 active users weekly, it’s my preferred place to be!