Stanley Kubrick wanted a Unix machine for Christmas

According to the man himself in this very short candid conversation:

“because it has the best chip architecture and the most advanced operating system”

The Fortune as advertised (“Fortune 32:16 - Minicomputer Performance at Microcomputer Price”) at the wonderful

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quite a sensation when Fortune announced at the COMDEX 1981 a powerful business-oriented computer at the price of only $5000. The model, the Fortune 32:16 with a promised 128k of RAM, Unix, and a 1.5 MB floppy disk drive was one of the first 68000-based computers

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A wide range of high quality business application software was available, as well as programming languages, like a very extended BASIC able to convert code written in other BASICs (AppleSoft, MBASIC, CBASIC, TRS-80 BASIC), PASCAL, FORTRAN 77, COBOL and, of course, C language.

The 32:16 was also built and sold in France by Thomson under the name of Micromega 32

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I had the pleasure of using a Fortune 32:16 for about two months in late 1984. The screen scrolling was particularly impressive, and overall it was a very nice machine. All the applications were from Microsoft (multiplan, multicalc and so on) so Bill Gates would still have gotten rich if the computer industry had gone in this direction instead of PC clones.

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