Sprites mods - Tiny PDP11

Sprites mods has done it again.¹ This time, it’s a tiny but operational PDP-11. Case modeled on a VT-102, but it’s really more like a approximately ⅙ scale VT-103 with LSI-11 installed. It runs BSD 2.11 and is networked. He had to get a bit creative to make a 4x10 pixel font readable (with magnification, at least for some of us) on a display that would fit this scale.

This may be the first operational PDP11 with WiFi and Bluetooth.

It is worth reading the whole thing. You’ll see the original tetris, the PDP11 connecting to wifi from a terminal prompt, and then a telnet login over the network.


This may be the first time the original Tetris was played using a bluetooth gamepad?

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The giant can cover the entire screen with his thumb! :wink:

¹ While Joeren has done a lot of cool hacks, the previous retrocomputing hack was his Miniature Macintosh Plus; a working Mac Plus at a similar scale.


I wish there were right-scale reproductions of the VTxxx.

Yes, I’m way past the time I could read tiny letters… once upon a time I could read 4pt letters just fine, or even smaller. Lucky me…
But there have been several vtxxx hardware projects over the years, although I don’t think I’ve seen any which tried to build a physical terminal with the looks of a VT100 or VT102.

Just need a bigger 3D printer, or to be really good with glue, I guess. :smiley: