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Is it all right to post about a website that has potentially useful parts? The business is in the US. I’m not affiliated with them, but I do get email updates on what they have. It’s a surplus warehouse.


Well I sure wanna know what it is if they have my sort of electronics surplus. I need stuff for my recording equipment builds.

Sounds to me like it would be of interest to retro computists, so do go ahead.

If you can add some notes about your own experience with the site, or about your experience in this area, so much the better. If you can start a conversation about sources of parts and gather other recommendations about sources of parts, better still!

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Here’s a direct link to their electronics section -

They have a lot more than electronics, which is how I found them. The last time I bought from them (several years ago) I got the electronic guts of a robot themed toy.

Here are a few findings - I haven’t used these outfits and don’t have a connection to them.

And there’s a search engine here:

(As ever, one must be careful buying online… there are plenty of offers also on ebay and alibaba. Searching for “new old stock” or “NOS” might be helpful.)

You’ll definitely want to stay away from this one. I have ordered from them and been burned. They may answer your initial email asking for help but will ignore all follow ups if it takes any effort on their part. This seems to be the common experience from what other people post about them.

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Yes, please, if any of you know of any good surplus shops, please let me know.

I have found to be AWESOME.

In fact, I just got off the phone with James from there.

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Found another interesting video from LGR. It’s about Computer Reset, and they have TONS of old computer materials.

It’s in the US, and too far for me to travel to at the moment. I think they mentioned a private Facebook, not sure how to connect to it.

The Facebook link is posted below the video at Youtube.

See also this previous post about Computer Reset:

Here are some I’ve used:
BG Micro in Texas, USA. Often has old parts. Very friendly and helpful. Been buying from them for over 30 years:

All Electronics. Wide variety of old, strange, interesting, surplus thingies. Bought from them several times over the last 30 years or so. Always pleased.

Anchor Electronics, California, USA. Often have old style connectors and such (they had a bunch of S-100 connectors not too long ago. I think gone now.) I’ve bought from them a couple of times and been pleased.

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So you would call them reliable with real parts? No fake chinese knockoffs?

Best Electronics have quite a few parts, with an emphasis on Atari. And they also have a story of Atari’s custom disk controller chip, Ajax, which is quite interesting in itself:

Another place I’ve bought from a lot over the last 30+ years is Jameco. They carry a lot of older parts that are useful, as well as newer stuff. You can find 6502s, 8085s, various support chips, old memory chips, and lots more.

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One oddball place to find old computer equipment and parts, as well as anything electronic and other stuff, too, is hamfests. They are common in the US and I know there are some in other countries. Basically, they are amateur radio convention/swap meet/flea market. The Amateur Radio Relay League in the US has a database lookup to find one near you:
If you have never been to one, you should go. Some are huge, some are really small. But all of them are interesting. And you just might get a new hobby :slight_smile:

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Jameco is awesome. I’ve bought a ton of stuff from them over the years. They have a nice price on PCB offset kits so I get them there. I’m sure Mouser must have them, but I haven’t found what I wanted yet with any basic searches.

I started a thread on Mastodon about this and it’s already yielded a bunch of great resources.

I’ve already bought stuff from BG Micro and another place called Small Bear electronics.

(Here’s that mastodon thread)

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Here is a place I’ve never bought from, but they seem to have some good stuff for us. Although it seems their supply lines are drying up on the most-needed items:

Yes! This company might have the Mega ll chip I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

Is there no search function on that site?