Source for Under Monitor Power Center Replacement Rocker Switches

I’m looking for a source for replacement rocker switches for a “Power Center” that sits on top of a retro computer, an Amiga 2000 in my case, underneath the monitor which has row of 6 switches, one red for the master power and 5 amber switches for the computer, monitor, printer and two auxiliary devices. These switches are illuminated by an internal non-replaceable(?) neon bulb when in the ‘on’ position. Several of these bulbs are weak or burned out.

What makes it difficult to find the part is that the bezels for my switches are white and everything I’ve found, in amber, has a black bezel.

That sounds like a challenge! (Sorry, have no idea how to help with sourcing.)

Does the power center look something like this?

My power center works but I have one or two more that need new switches. In general, Digikey or Mouser or a place like that will have the switches. The painful part is getting the cutout dimensions correct. Those places all give good specifications but I still have yet to order my switches yet.

(I just recently purchased a good calipers so that I can get accurate measures of the cut-out dimensions. That will improve my chances of getting good replacements.)

That’s the item, I purchased two used ones recently, they’re different brand names but are physically identical. I haven’t measured the cut out dimensions as I was hoping to find white bezels instead of black. It makes the difference of replacing two or three switches, or all of them.