Sorting computer game. Origin? improvements,

I like playing casual games and puzzle games on my tablet.
I recently found a game called Cat Color sort puzzle. There are also variants with birds and fruits. There’s a water sort game but this is different.

I like the game. It’s easy to play, and could be easily coded yourself. Could run on simple computers (without touchscreen, mouse and a regular keyboard.) Also a good task for students programming not only this game in language x, but also programming a computer player.

Description: There are 2 houses (side view) with up to 4 lines (and 4 columns) each. And usually you have 1 empty line each below. On the upper rows there are sitting cats in different colors. You have to sort the cats by color. 4 cats with the same colors will be removed. You can only put a cat to an empty line or next a cat with the same color. 2 or 3 cats can be moved together and also splitted. But no more than 4 cats on a line. It’s quite rare that you can’t move.

1234  1153
3252  1454

----  ----

This game is lacking limited movements and not even a time limit. I played more than 60 levels and don’t think that there will be more lines.
Does anybody know the origin? And original name. And does this or similar games exist for early computers? I only think of Towers of Hanoi with sorting. How can you measure your IQ with it? Or the difficulty of the level.