Some things at VCF East 2021

Here’s a challenge - what’s this machine?

(Answer at 9:53 of the video below)

Here’s a table of Heathkit machines:

Here’s the full video - a good tight edit compared to many wandering-around videos of these kind of meets:

There are many PC compatibles, and Apples, also the other usual suspects from Tandy, Commodore. Not so much from Atari but I did notice a Portfolio. And this, from Acorn:

Hum, the buttons look rather IBM-y, 32-bit address bus (byte-size addressing!) – no idea.
(Considering the robust address selectors, is this some military equivalent to a small-size s/360 machine?)

(The answer is in the video, and I could spill the beans, but I’ll leave the challenge out there for a bit…)

Just seen it. Somewhat right, but also quite wrong. :slight_smile:
Does anyone know the story behind these 1930s-style knobs, which were definitely vintage at the trime?

Also, regarding the video: Mind the 3270 PC. (For some reason, everything 3270 impresses me a lot.)

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