Some short videos from yesterday's Retro Computing Festival in Cambridge

Wi-Fi Sheep presents wobblycam walkthroughs at the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge (UK):

Very retro in all sorts of ways. I note we start with a BBC Micro with extra Z80 running CP/M software. Then a Superbrain, then a remarkable recased upgraded ZX81.



There’s something about these videos – is it this air of old-school reporting (esp. in the second video)? – which I like a lot.

It isn’t always about the best video resolution.

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What a fantastic event, wish I could have been there.
I must say you showed remarkable restraint when the Linkedin Sales Navigator guy interrupted right in the middle of your ZX81 piece. Surprised you didnt dot him right there. And then he’s gone and expects you to carry on with the ZX81 like nothing has happened. How rude!

Excellent coverage, thank you !

(Wasn’t me, of course - the videos are from Wi-Fi Sheep aka Tom Williamson.)

Sorry, my sense of humour doesnt always come across well.
It was a thinly-disguised dig at intrusive Youtube advertising spoiling a well-crafted piece :slight_smile:

Its surprising how strong the retro movement is, every year at Ponty we hold a “Single-Channel & Retro Radio Control” model flying event, the turnout is amazing. Its strongly related to the retro computing scene with restorations, refits and modern-retro builds. It seems we just love the bad old days !

I think whoever arranged the power for the Festival deserves a medal. With each display needing maybe 6 or more sockets that must have been a nightmare. To the organisers - very well done, a fantastic show, huge turnout and great to see youngsters not just involved but engrossed in decades-spanning electronics.


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