Some historical computers remade on open source FPGAs

Featuring Baby, EDSAC, 2600, Apple 1, Atom, BBC Micro, CP/M machine, and a few more - a project collection by Lawrie Griffiths as seen on the myStorm forums. Here’s the Manchester Baby:

(Edit: Lawrie notes that the CP/M machine is @hoglet’s design, derived from Grant Searle’s work.)


I see another EDSAC-in-FPGA has turned up - by Hrvoje Cavrak, MIT-licensed, as a quarantine project. The README also provides a nice overview of the machine.

It’s got 64k of compressed sound effects - no expense spared.

(There’s a link within to a PDP-1 project too!)

It’s in verilog, for MiSTer, which is based on DE-10 Nano.

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