SMS2 - an operating system for Sinclair QL and Atari ST

From the video description:

SMS2 (short for Small Multitasking System 2) is a multitasking operating system developed by Tony Tebby (QJUMP Ltd.) in the early 1990s and published by a company called FURST Ltd. in 1993.​

Tony Tebby is probably best known for having initiated the development of the operating system for the Sinclair ZX83 project in 1982/1983.

​ The ZX83 project became launched as the Sinclair QL professional computer on 1984-01-12, its OS was named QDOS.

The most advanced member of QDOS compatible operating systems is SMSQ/E which is still being developed.

via Carsten Strottman


While it may be easy to state an exact launch date, an exact delivery date might be another story… :wink:


As an alumnus of a university¹ that attempted to give every one of its students the use of a QL, all I can say is … «golf clap»

¹: University of Strathclyde. I remember the “Free Exchanges on Microdrive Cartridges” sign in the student union shop rather well.

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Sounds like we may have been at Strathclyde University at about the same time - I graduated in 1988!

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