SLAC terminal and TV Typewriter manuals

While going through my archives, I discovered I have the following items, which I’d be happy to send to someone for the cost of shipping.

The Design of a Low Cost Video Graphics Terminal by Forest Baskett and Leonard Shustek (SLAC PUB-1715 / STAN-CS-75-546, February 1976) 24pp
The Internals of the Video Graphics Terminal by Leonard Shustek (SLAC Computation Group CGTM No. 175, May 1976) 34pp (including schematics and microfiche card of internal software listing)

Radio-Electronics magazine, Sept. 1973 - the TV Typewriter issue (includes all reader service cards!)
TV Typewriter assembly manual - includes theory of operation, schematics, and full-size circuit board layouts - by Don Lancaster

These have some yellowing of the pages but are in otherwise very good condition.
Please let me know if you’re interested. You can reach me at [email protected]

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