Sinclair ZX Specadore 64

A Commodore 64 in Sinclair ZX Spectrum colours. :slight_smile:

When is a Commodore 64 not a Commodore 64? When it’s a ZX Specadore 64! So how the blazes did this all come about then? Well, I’ve had my trusty C64C for MANY years now - in fact, it was bought brand new way back in 1987 I think! Unfortunately over time the keyboard changed colour from a vibrant light grey/cream colour to a horrible yellow mess. So I decided to give it a fresh new coat of paint. As I rather like the colour scheme of the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum I thought I’d paint up my C64C in ZX Spectrum style colours!


This is highly heretic and hilarious at the same time – in other words, somewhat comforting. :wink: