Sinclair Mk14 computer kit

The recent thread about the SC/MP The $99 SC/MP Kit reminded me about the “other” SC/MP (INS8060) system - Sinclairs Mk14 which pre-dated the ZX80 by a year or 2 and cost £39.95 as a kit in the UK in 1977.

Mine is somewhat in need of some TLC, but worked fine the last time I powered it up. Fascinating little system, although I didn’t buy it new in the day, but a year or 2 after its release.

Another image:

I expanded mine with the RAM + IO chip to give me an extra 128 bytes of RAM. I had a lot of fun with it and at one point had it connected to a BBC Micro which acted as a keyboard and assembler (with the assembler written in BBC Basic)

The SC/MP processor was relatively simple for the time but it was one of the early ones (c1974) It didn’t stop a BASIC being written in it though.