SEIKO DATA 2000 "wrist computer"

Anyone use/used one of the SEIKO smartwatches from 1980s?

I have the DATA 2000. It’s relatively boring as its “smart” functions limits to two memories for plain text and a very basic calculator (just + - * / ). The watch require the external keyboard to enter the texts or to use the calculator (and to set time/date, too!)

The watch and the keyboard picture are available at Wikipedia.

DATA 2000 on Wikipedia

I am not sure about the CPU type used here. The watch parameters are specified as: "4bit CPU, 6KB ROM, 1.5KB LCD ROM, 2KB RAM. " The RAM is for text memories (it was advertised that up to 2000 characters can be stored thus the “DATA 2000”).

The more modern UC-2000 can be used as a terminal for a computer-in-keyboard UC-2200. Then it can do BASIC (the “keyboard” has its own CPU - the Z80, the RAM and other necessary pieces, even a small printer). But idea of using of watch screen instead of the monitor is too cray, I think.

Anyway, the DATA 2000 and the UC-2000 are (at least partially) compatible. One can use the basic keyboard from the DATA tor the UC and probably vice versa (I am not sure about combination of the DATA with the UC-2200 keyboard).

I have tested that the DATA 2000 can work with the Android keyboard emulator for the UC-2000 whic his available on the GitHub. So I assume that the actual SEIKO thing should work, too.

The DATA 2000 have an early LCD (they are from 1983) so readability is not ideal and the used font is less than ideal, too. Anyway they are cool and actually usable (I recently damaged my automatic watches and all batteries in all my other watches are dead so I have had to use the DATA). I use them normally and I even put my shopping list here (have had to enter it on that tiny keyboard but it was easier that you may think!)

Actually, they are very nice. I am happy I got them :wink:

P.S. There is a page available about the whole line here.

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I think I remember liking the idea of these watches back in the day, but they were too expensive for me to bite. I did eventually buy a very cheap calculator watch, much much later, and I still have it, although I can’t say I love it.

I think, the design of DATA 1000 and the UC-2000 captured the concept best, or slightly better than the later models. And again I’m opting for the retro models of the line – there you have me. :slight_smile:

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I had only the most basic digital watch in late 1980s (some Electronica model from the USSR as nothing else was available or affordable here) :frowning: