School computers in Yugoslavia (Galaksija, Orao)

Vlado Vince is to exhibit at VCF East, and provides some info, links and videos on the VCF discord. Here’s a little of it:

The other Yugoslav computer that I will be showing off is the Orao. The Orao was manufactured for school use, and while it wasn’t as unique as the Galaksija, it definitely has an interesting story. This 6502 computer was developed by the company PEL Varaždin, which had to manufacture wicker baskets (!) to export abroad, in order to offset the import costs of all the parts it needed to make the Orao computer.
Building a Galaksija, Part II: The Origin Story - Vlado Vince

Here’s Voja Antonic on Hackaday:

Here’s a geopolitical telling of the story of microcomputing and related technological developments in Yugoslavia, up to and including the dissolution.

Yugoslavia was an oddity of the Cold War – a socialist country in Europe that wasn’t aligned with the USSR, a state with friendly and close relations with the US, but which wasn’t a free market economy, and how that combination of circumstances brought about interesting tech developments

See also the previous topic with lots of links and info:
Galaksija build-it-yourself computer

Somewhat related: the TIM-011 from Serbia, 1987 or so