SCAMP - A homebrew 16-bit CPU with a homebrew Unix-like-ish operating system

I saw this fairly recently and thought people here might find it interesting:

There’s an online emulator to play with, too.


I only heard of SC/MP.
I’ve tested the emulator, here file “mandel”. This is the result after ~10 minutes.
An emulator showing the LEDs board as well would be better.
And even more interesting the Homebrewcpuring he mentioned


Phil_G over on EEVBlog (PICL National Industrial Basic Language computer by Karen Orton - Page 1) has designed a PCB based on his friend, Karen’s, design of a modern replica of a SC/MP board. It consists of only two chips: an 8K byte RAM, and a PIC microcontroller.

I would not think that 8K would be enough to run this OS, but it looks like it would be fun to play with. (I actually bought one of his boards, but have not had the time to assemble it - plus I don’t have any way to program the PIC yet. :face_exhaling:)

granz, I’m not at all sure but I think the SCAMP and the SC/MP are not directly related. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, this is just a project with a similar name. Sorry for any confusion!

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There may be just a bit too many SCAMP computers.

Most notably, there’s the SCAMP (Special Computer APL Machine Portable) prototype by IBM Palo Alto Scientific Center, 1973, emulating the IBM 1130 in its PALM processor in order to run APL.
And National Semiconductor’s SC/MP (Simple Cost-effective Micro Processor, INS8060) is also pronounced “SCAMP”.

Here, it stands for “Simple Computing and Arithmetic Microcoded Processor”, and this is, indeed, an impressive project.