Sample of assembler for PDP-11 BSD UNIX?

Hi, I’m looking for some complete assembly language examples for code that compiles and runs on a PDP-11 under BSD UNIX. In particular, I’m looking to read and write from STDIN and STDOUT. Over the years I forgot how to link in system libraries. I’m currently running 2.11 BSD on SimH, which is pretty darn cool. Assembly on VAX BSD might work too. Thanks!

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A little background on this. I took an awesome PDP-11 assembly class in college. We used the Assembly Language Programming for PDP-11 and LSI-11 Computers book, by Edouard Desautels, which was awesome. I spoke to Professor Desautels last week, and he was amused that people are still interested in programming PDP-11s. He’s going to open source his book and I will be publishing it online in a few weeks.


The BSD 2.11 sources contain some examples; in particular, as itself is written in assembler:

Ah! A makefile with linker options, that will do just fine. Thanks!

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