RSS feeds for Retro Computing

I’m a big user of a feed reader (in my case Inoreader, but I’ve also tried The Old Reader, and of course many other RSS readers are available.) And I found I could create a ‘bundle’ of the 88 feeds I have filed under RetroComputing. You can read it online, or export in OPML format for use in your own favourite reader. Maybe you even have a way to read RSS on a retrocomputer?

Any recommendations beyond these 88? (The nice thing about RSS is that you can keep up even with sites which are very rarely updated. And you can read through the back catalogue of posts too. And search all feeds.)


Nice. I also use Inoreader. Bundle looks like an interesting feature: I may take a look and see if I can create my own bundles for other things.

And I keep track of way less Retrocomputing RSS feeds than you. :slight_smile: