Robogeekoid's new 65C02 machine

Seen on Reddit:

With TMS9918 Graphics, Commodore Keyboard, Enhanced BASIC, SD Card and a trusty 65C02.

Now, is that a VIC-20 keyboard or a C-64? I don’t know how to tell the difference.

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Didn’t the earlier VIC-20s use a more angular font for the keycaps, much like the PET? Also, most of them had beige function keys, but the newer, grey keys may have been used as well as Commodore was famously using whatever was laying around… I guess, there is no safe answer, but it’s probably a mid-production C64 keyboard (early ones had the same beige function keys like most VICs).

P.S.: Impressive project, also mind the authentic wood case!

Agreed, the perfboard circuits in a wooden case is a nice practical approach.

I found two enormous photos on Wikipedia, and if there are differences, they are surely very subtle:

Here’s an image of an early VIC-20 with the square typography:
See also this ad:

However, there are more images of VIC-20s with C64-style grey function keys showing up in a Google search than I would have thought. Not sure, if this still qualifies as a “probable proof”.