"Revisiting my BBC Micro"

This blog has featured before in posts about fonts, but here’s a trio of posts all about Acorn’s BBC Micro:

Loss: Origins of a love affair
Recovery: Revitalizing a BBC Micro
Fulfilled promise: Revisiting my BBC Micro - display, speech & more

Some more on the BBC Micro…

A brief primer, of sorts (ahem, written by me):
Acorn’s BBC micro - some resources

The origin story, from the BBC’s side, over on StarDot:
“Outline specification for the BBC MICROCOMPUTER system”

One of the finest features, for me, is the second processor capability, very much part of the architecture and yet added at very low cost to the machine. Also known as the Tube. Again, a writeup from me:
Acorn’s Second Processors and the Tube - what, and why
(see also this thread)