Retro futuristic 1960-1970s footage of online technologies

This wonderful video of a clip of vintage, possibly 1960 or 1970s footage was shared online, for example on Mastodon. It shows predictions of online technolgies of the future such as ecommerce and videoconferencing.

Does the video provide clues to the original source or when it was released? Was any actual computer equipment used in the footage, such as the keyboard?


Looks like it’s from a 10 min film from 1972, the segment “A wired home” at the 6:25 mark:

Most likely such uses are but the forerunners of much more elaborate communication services for the home. Many experts today are speculating on how the daily activities of a family living in a wired home in a wired nation will someday be affected

Utilizing surveys and reports on the background of cable television, this film explores its place in the world of television, and its future potential as a communication tool in workplaces, educational institutions, the home, and the community. Includes both live-action sequences of people using cable television as a means of accessing information, and animated sequences which explain the history of cable television and how the medium functions. Music by Buddy Collette.


See also, of course:

“Year 1999 AD” - A 1967 Film Imagines the Future
(search for the title – it’s on YouTube).

Starring Marj Dusay (the leader of the alien women
in “Spock’s Brain” ;-> ) and Wink Martindale as
mom and dad of the future.

The family’s computer (its CPU and memory, not the
terminals) has its own dedicated room in the house.

“How does the computer know everything? I mean like how . . .
I mean like, how many times to exercise and all?”

“I haven’t the faintest notion. That’s just too much for
your old mother to understand.”


Nice here’s one copy (from my viewing history, so I must have seen it before):

(Also found here and here)


There’s a recognizable style to those Charles & Ray Eames films! (Not to the least for the sound and music.)