Retro 3D Models

Jamel Tayeb has shared a quite amazing discovery of his, namely an amazing treasure trove of highly detailed SketchUp 3D models by 3D Warehouse user Comugi, most of them models of retro computers, some rather exotic, some well known.

(Image: NEC COMPO-BS/80 personal computer, 1978 – 3D Warehouse/Comugi)

Have a look here:
(You’ve to register to download any of the models, but you can browse without registering.)

Here’s another model, a HP 85 as imported into SketchUp 3D by Jamel Tayeb:

Via Jamel Tayeb’s blog (don’t miss to visit!),


I saw this recently which may be of interest to some model makers:

It’s a small 2x2 bevel Lego brick with a real working OLED display inside it…