Replica's, KIM-1 and Apple 1

I have collected several KIM_1 and Apple 1 Replica’s. From Vince Briel, Franz Achatz, Dave Williams, Oscar Vermeulen and Bob Applegate (Corsham Technologies).

The KIM-1 replica’s are very close to the original, the troublemaker 6530 is replaced with a 6532 and some ROM, and for the rest nearly original. One even has the same dimensions, the MOS Technology KIM Reproduction. With the cards made by Corsham Technologies I now have dream KIM-1 computers, even my original one!

The Apple 1 replica’s replace the video circuit (the complicated clever circuit by Steve Wozniak with many hard to get parts) with a modern microcontroller and a PS/2 keyboard.

Photos, schematics, user manuasl, software, ROMS, all of my archive here:

Apple 1 replica’s
KIM-1 Replica’s


I built one Apple 1 replica, Vince Briel’s Replica-1 TEN, the anniversary version with the red PCB, some years ago.

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Ah, one of the numbered 50!

Yes, I think there’s a serial number written on the PCB - I forgot, I haven’t used it the last year (I got the kit and built it while I was living in Japan).
Edit: Ah, yes, exactly where that arrow down to the left is pointing in this picture:
Edit 2: Mine is serial 24.

I really like how the MOS KIM-1 Reproduction board has its its components laid out logically, much unlike the other reproductions. Arguably, it does even a better job of this than the original (owed to modern PCP manufacturing.)

Also, nice image alignement on the MOS KIM-1 Reproduction page (the two images of the cards at the edge connectors aligned vertically along the ribbon cable). :slight_smile:

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