Regrets: Things we had and got rid of

I was browsing through the November 1978 issue of Kilobaud and reading a review of the Apple II. It had this paragraph:

Then, around late September, I received word that, because of difficulties, the Apple Il would not become available
until sometime in 1977.Tired of
waiting, I went ahead and
bought an Apple-I. Later, in the
summer of 1977, when the
Apple-ll became available, I
was able to receive a fair tradein allowance on my Apple-I system towards the purchase of an
Apple II.

I’m sure he kicked himself later.
I’ve owned a few things that I got rid of and wished I hadn’t. Nothing as neat or valuable as an Apple 1, though.
Who else has gotten rid of things and later regretted it?


I mentioned this in another thread recently, but 2 x PDP-8/Es, a Northstar Horizon, some mechanical calculators… Had a “fully loaded” BBC Micro & printer stolen (by some local crack-heads who probably thought it was a PC )-:

Also some old electronics test kit - nixie tube multimeter…

Odd the stuff I didn’t pick-up when I had the chance: Some serial terminals - (as in- why do I need that when I have a BBC Micro with a serial port, etc.)

You live, learn, time passes and things change…


I wish I still had my VIC-20 ,and the original Maganvox Odyssey 1 video gaming system from the early 70s. Both of those items were in the attic when my folks sold the old house.

I guess I wish I didn’t sell my C128, too. I sold that to a friend to use the money for something else. Can’t remember what, though.

I used to own a Franklin ACE 500, but once I got an Apple//c, I gave it to someone for shipping costs. Needless to say, I sent it away, and didn’t get reimbursed for shipping. Granted, the ACE wasn’t completely compatible with the Apple //, but now it’s harder to find one. :frowning:

Over the years a lot of toys have passed through my hands. I’ve moved a LOT and often had to get rid of much of it. There was a Tandy 1000 (hx?), a Televideo TS-803, an ADM-3A terminal, tons of PCs and parts, and more.
Some stuff got lost when my mother passed away and it was at her house. I wasn’t able to go retrieve it and my sisters “got rid of it” for me. That included an IBM keyboard, a DEC PDT-150 (LSI-11 machine,) and lots more stuff.
I still have way too much stuff.

The first ‘case’ I made for my UK101 was a hacked-off drawer from a chest of drawers with a perspex cover on. It was much nicer than the second ‘case’ and it would be nice to have it. I have no idea what happened: most likely my parents cleaned a lot of stuff out after I’d moved out with what I thought I needed.

Likewise, I had a springs-and-wires Philips electronics experimenter, with a handful of discrete transistors on big square carriers, and that’s gone. The instruction booklet was a really good tutorial on electronics, as I recall.

I also had one of those Tandy/Radio Shack 100-in-1 experiment kits, which is gone, but I don’t mind too much. I’d quite like to know exactly which model it was, for no particular reason. I think it had a relay, a speaker, a CdS photocell, as well as a small handful of transistors and a bunch of discretes. I think it had a ferrite rod/AM antenna, but I’m not sure. I think it had a choke too.

I had a Meccano pendulum clock kit - never assembled - and that was a bit of a failure on my part. But I’ve no idea what happened, or if I would ever had made it if I’d kept it.

I had a toy static steam engine too… it’s gone. But that’s even further from computation!

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Well - if we’re going that far… I had a toy Mamod steam engine that was also stolen, and an evil stepmother who gave away all my Lego…


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Another piece of gear I wish I had was the Heathkit AA22 Stereo Amplifier my dad build in the late 60’s. It was Heathkit’s first solid state amplififer, and one of the first on the market at all. My dad gave it away some years ago and that guy threw it away. I’m going to have to find another one, one of these days.