Re-Enactment of the 1974 Time Sharing System at SAIL

In Efficient text editing on a PDP-10 we seek to answer the question

  • How was it possible to efficiently edit files bigger than a megabyte on a PDP-10?

but we also touch on Emacs, and on the differences between ITS and WAITS.

But perhaps most interesting, we are offered in-browser experiences of the SAIL environment, courtesy of Bruce Guenther Baumgart:

  • Enter System 1974 (“Re-Enactment of the 1974 Time Sharing System that was at the first Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory”)

Below are Entrances into Javascript running a PDP-10 time sharing system named SYSTEM . DMP [ J17, SYS ] which later became known as WAITS. Re-enacted are console teletype CTY, vector graphics Triple-III, raster terminal Data Disc DD, Lester’s Keyboard and the Ralph File System populated with executible files from including GEOMED - LISP - SUDS - PARRY - PUB and TEX.


Unimplemented: Spacewar Buttons.

Mind that this is Bruce Baumgart, the winner of the First Intergalactic Spacewar Tournament. (BTW, a previously unknown version of Spacewar for the PDP-10 showed up last year.)