Punched-card typography, et.al

Look at the “Punched Cards” section, a little more than half-way down this page: mass:werk <lounge> I’ve used both IBM 026 and 029 keypunches, and had no idea how complicated the text printing mechanism was (Punched Card Typography Explained) There’s also a Retro Computing section near the top of the Lounge page.


BTW, you can also in engage in virtual punch card operations here (by generating and scanning stacks of punch card images, including card appropriate print on the individual cards):

However, only some modern languages are supported (JS, Perl, Python). Fortran and Cobol compilers were planned, but a job interfered … and than I ran out of steam. (I really ought to add Fortran, at least. Probably a backward compatible version of Fortran 77.)

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Some write-ups on retro computer related projects (for RetroChallenge) can be found here:

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