Pre-orders open for the Mini PET 40/80

Tynemouth’s Dave Curran is back with a revised design: the Mini PET 40/80. The biggest change over the original design is right there in the name: while the first Mini PET was only capable of the 40x25 text-mode output, the upgraded design includes the ability to switch between 40x25 and 80x25, just like the real thing.

The new Mini PET 40/80 comes with 32kB of RAM – which would have been a lot back in 1977 – plus 2kB of dedicated video memory and a 28kB ROM supporting a customised BASIC, Commodore BASIC 1, 2, and 4, a file browser, a self-diagnostic system, composite and RGBi/CGA/MGA video outputs with a microcontroller-based CRT monitor controller, a piezoelectric buzzer and a bundled game selected from TFW8b’s stock.


Here’s a build and review: