Pixel Art Life (Windows 10)

Hello all!

So, a little while back, I was posting about getting a retro version of OneNote

In my little adventure, i ended up customizing my entire Windows theme to be as retro greenscreen as possible. You can find the .theme file in the aforementioned thread. It’s a fine line between extremely obnoxious and awesome.

I think i’ve exhausted the most of what Windows will allow me to do, but can anyone think of how i can get more 8bit/16bit into my life?

I’m in front of this computer at work all day and it would be really great if the interface was a little more entertaining.

Feel free to share pics of your interface / mods!

What about the GEM look for windows.(The other windowing software
for DOS).

I used to like to switch Windows back to ‘classic’ mode - maybe you’ve already managed that. It always helps to set a lower resolution too!

I used to run cygwin’s bash - I think any time you’re at the command line you can fullscreen, for a proper console experience. Something like this:
Windows+R -> Command -> Alt-Enter
except those shortcuts probably don’t work any more. These days you don’t need cygwin because you’ve got WSL. Choose a nice big font to go with your reduced resolution. Extra points for being productive at 80x25 characters!

There are people who like Cool Retro Term, to add a bit of pincushion, blur, bloom, and screen glare…

Im using Windows Terminal with the retro thing enabled, so i got that going for me.
Cant use the interface you attached, though because i dont know crap about linux.
The blur and lines are great and i wish i could apply it to all of Windows.

What would also be kind of cool is if i could run Atom from within the Windows Terminal. That way, i could get all those effects.

My Atom