Pictures from Vintage Computing Festival Berlin (VCFB)

Hi folks!

I put a selection of my pictures from Vintage Computing Festival Berlin (October 12./13.) online at Flickr. I tried to get all captions right, and also tried to bring up some additional links for further reading to each picture. Which wasn’t that easy for several quite exotic or even home grown systems. Theme of this years VCFB was Computers from Germany, which made it also hard to find English documentation to many systems. Enjoy anyway:



Awesome Gallery… On the picture on the hard disk, I did not spot the Kalok hard drive. (I had one in the 90’s … you were lucky if it lasted a year… maybe thats why they are never seen :D)

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Very nice gallery! I was rather taken by Intersil’s Intercept Jr, with only a 3x4 keypad.
The games room was surprisingly spacious and unintimidating - I liked that.

And I learned yesterday, that the home grown PDP 8 Replica is built on the very same Intersil IM6100 CPU as well.

Ah, right, the 1976 project - I did like that too, and wondered how it could be so compact.

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