Philips P800 Series P850 P856

I recently found this computer series.
There is a site with emulators

And I also found this Dutch forum with photos of parts in color, nice panel.

Typical 70s. Doesn’t even look like a computer. (from cpushack)

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That is actually my desk, and my P854…
Hate to say it, but I threw away some 7-8 Philips P856 machines with core memory and blinkenlights, some 15 years ago, as nobody was interested…

The machine was better than a PDP11, but lacked software suppport and marketing. Philips did make a microprocessor variant, the Signetics spc16/10, which must be the most unknown microprocessor ever…Still looking for a datasheet…


You could always port Fuzix to it if you’ve got enough RAM and the MMU option :wink:

The emulator is scary, that’s not what I thought perl was designed for