Personal Computer Graphics of the 60s and 70s (50 mins video)

Stephen A. Edwards’ presentation at Vintage Computer Festival East — October 8 2021
A detailed, technical look at graphics systems from the primitive COSMAC VIP to the Amiga, talking about character graphics, framebuffers, sprites, and display lists.

and spacewar, of course. And actually venturing into the 80s as well.


I approve. :slight_smile:

Slightly tangential, the PET 2001 screen codes table (at about 30:00) is from my blog post on PETSCII, an exported image from my online emulator (based on original code by Tom Skibo). I’m rather shocked how realistic this looks in the video. I hadn’t noticed, if I hadn’t written the program to ouput the table myself. Now, I’m always concerned with conveying the specific media quality with any emulations, because I deem this quite important. On the other hand, I also try to leave some hints on this being not an authentic image, not the real stuff. However, here, we have a total colission of real and fake (compare the still of real, glitching PET just before this). – Any opinons on whether this is evil or not are welcome.