Per Brinch Hansen books on compilers scanned, page updated

Last week I got a request for a pdf of the book by Per Brinch Hansen: Brinch Hansen on Pascal compilers. I do have the book, no pdf yet, so I did scan it (350 pages). Great intro into compiler writing!
Looking at the bookshelf, the book Programming a Personal Computer by Per Brinch Hansen on the language Edison was even more interesting: a compiler and Operating System in source format and well explained in the Pascal like language. So I did scan that too (nearly 400 pages)
Gathering all other articles and files in the Per Brinch Hansen archive I updated the Per Brinch Hansen pages.
At least three large compilers, Concurrent Pascal, Sequential Pascal, SuperPascal and Edison in source format to study.
SuperPascal runs on modern systems, Freepascal project available.
Come and enjoy at:


Very nice, and thank you for your service in making these volumes available!

Your scans look very nice, are small, clean, and well-OCR’d. What method do you use to produce them? I have several documents I would like to treat in a similar way, but my current methods require too much time per-page to be practical for an entire volume like this.

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It looks as far as I can tell Edison is better than Pascal.
I like if and while statements.
Never did care for subrange
types or sets because they look like you can have any size of data
but they are too dependant on the host machine. PASCAL worked
on the main frame but not the APPLE II.
You would think that one would have a way to handle variable data size by now. (1978).

Do you have access to the source code?

Yes indeed, thanks @HansOtten - I know it’s a lot of work, and my efforts have never been up to this standard.

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