People's Computer Company - 1976 'zine

Some interesting readings and a glimpse into computing in 1976, in this issue of People’s Computer Company. (Looks like it might be just before Dr Dobbs Journal spun off.)

There are many books to buy, some programs to type in, speculations on society, healthy living, psychology. And some tips on safe cycling. And a letter complaining that cycling tips are off-topic.

Oh, and a 16 bit computer kit to buy - based on PACE. And games for your programmable calculator. And much about education and self-improvement.

I feel a great sense of freedom, excitement, and possibility around computers in 1976.

(I might even buy one of the books mentioned…)

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(Oh, and a star trek program in tiny basic for your Altair, in case that answers a question raised nearby)

That changed my mind from thinking that the Altair wasn’t good for much. :wink:

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