PDP 7 Unix source, buildable and runnable

Interested in early Unix? It doesn’t get any earlier than this!

Apparently, the PDP 7 Unix was largely recreated from binary files. There is a bootable/runnable version. There are lots of tools and utilities, including two versions of the B compiler (which is how I found this.) One of them is written in C, so you can compile it. The other is written in B, like the original.
And there are other early versions under the same person’s (Warren Toomey) account.
This should keep me busy for a little while!


Good find! (Warren’s name and handle seemed familiar - it turns out he’s not only on the classiccmp mail list but also active over on anycpu.)

In one of those really odd coincidences, I had been looking for the original B compiler from early Unix, when suddenly a thread on classiccmp started up about the original PDP 11 that Unix was developed on. Warren’s name showed up a few times, with links to some helpful stuff. It eventually led me to the PDP 7 Unix page I linked above.
Destiny, I suppose :slight_smile:

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