PC-5000 initial look

Last month I finally got a Sharp PC-5000, I had been looking for one for over a year.

They weren’t especially popular here in the US, so I’m not finding much information about them. Such as no archive of software or how to substitute the disk drive. So I’m still learning about the system.

Initial notes here:
Sharp PC-5000 — voidstar

And a brief demo of printing on plain paper (as opposed to thermal paper):
Sharp PC-5000 printer sample (first printing in over 30 years!) - YouTube

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I’ve verified that a WiModem232 can work on its RS232C port (using the COMM software that came with the system, even up to 9600 baud).

The bubble memory still works fine, I’ve created a few BASIC samples and spreadsheet files to those cartridges for storing work.

But I’m still looking for help/ideas on getting a disk drive for the system. Mostly because I’d like to see if MS-DOS 3.2 might work on this system (3.0 or 3.2, one of those could still boot up on a 64KB system – where DOS 4.0 I think started to require over 256KB).

There seems to be some crossover between Sharp MZ systems and this PC-5000, they might share the same drive components.

But so far I haven’t gotten my HxC emulator to work - trying both 320KB and 360KB images.

I’ll be showing this system at VCF Southwest later this month (June 23 weekend), where I’ve created some “live demo” programs for it (including one with background audio!).

I’ve confirmed that a drive controller is needed - Sharp apparently made both a single 3.5" drive and a dual 5.25" floppy drive controller for this system. If anyone happens to have one to sell, or any related PC-5000 accessories, I’d be interested to meet up :slight_smile:

I think since this VCF is at a hotel - they won’t have a consignment, but are only having an auction of a few items.