Pascal-M compiler for the KIM-1 restored

I have been working for many years, on and off, on restoring a Pascal compiler for the KIM-1 I encountered in 1978. Mark Rustad did the port of the Wirth school P2 compiler to a subset of Pascal and a byte oriented P-code machine. A bit like UCSD Pascal. With the aid of compact bytecode a small footprint is taken versus a speed penalty of course. Gave me lots of insight of the innards of a real compiler!

Now Pascal-M V1.0 , a subset of P2 compiler for the KIM-1 (6502 CPU), is available again in source and binary format. Cross compilation is also supported (from Windows, Linux or any platform that supports Freepascal).

V1.4 is a work in progress now, lots of restrictions lifted and imperfections fixed (via VAX/VMS Pascal, Turbo Pascal 7, Delphi 7 and now on Freepascal). Still running on the KIM-1 and other platforms via cross compilation.

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