Original DTSS/Dartmouth BASIC source code

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a collection of original Dartmouth BASIC source code? I found a few listings on github, but only a couple of those are actually in Dartmouth, the rest are really MS. I’d like to find the source for some of the original code, especially the games, to test out my emulator.

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There’s this PDF-scan of a listing of the original compiler (“TELEBASIC REV.1; BASIC AND TEACH COMBINED”) at the Dartmouth site:


(No games, though.)

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You may also have a look at http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/dartmouth/ for some original documentation. (May help with the specs.)

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Sorry NoLand, I just saw this now.

I’m looking for programs written in Dartmouth BASIC, not the compiler itself.

You might want to try this:

I actually have a paper copy of this book I got on eBay a while ago.

I did do some digging, but didn’t come up with anything. I think a lot of Digital Basic or HP Basic examples were coming up.

I did the other day come across a big trove of ftp site data:

And I have previously collected this list of mirror sites:

This usenet conversation looked like it might be helpful:

  • Old BASIC program books
    There’s a mention in there of a now-dead site with an AI_ATTIC subdirectory, with versions of Eliza, but I think I hit dead ends. Maybe try

  • Classical AI Programs at CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository