Original Apple1 on eBay!

And they’re only asking $1.75 million :open_mouth:

It’s s/n #79.


Nice to see that it’s got an original Byte Shop wooden case and original Sony TV.

I suppose if you had a billion that’d be relatively affordable. Or, you can make an offer! You can’t do that at Christies. AFAIK.

I’d rather download the schematics and make one myself.

You would not be alone in taking that route!
Apple-1 Reproductions compares Steve Gabaly’s Obtronix and Mike Willegal’s Mimeo


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Thanks for that - I didn’t know that ReActive had taken over some of Vince Briel’s kits. I built the replica1ten six years ago - Vince shipped the kit to Japan and I built it there. But later the Briel shop shut down and this is the first time I’ve become aware of (some) products continuing. I looked at Vince’s site just now and there’s the announcement about ReActiveMicro - I haven’t looked there for a long time. I thought it was dead forever.

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