On the to-do list for this site

Here are some issues I’m aware of, which can be fixed, but will demand a little time and attention, and will be fixed in due course:

  • Some G+ Community content could be imported

Edit: updated this post to note that the following things are now fixed:

  • Outgoing email isn’t working, so email is disabled
  • Forum not presently available with https URL
  • Google login would be a useful option
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Does the platform allow you to use LetsEncrypt for the https?

Yes, that’s my plan. But there seem to be two different ways to do it. Maybe more! And I think I need to reinstall anyway, and restore the current site from backup, because the one-click offering from Digital Ocean is apparently not an excellent base.
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Looks like there’s ways to do it. I can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

It’s fine - I need a bit of a push, and to clear the decks and find a bit of time for sysadmin.

I think https aka TLS aka SSL should be working now. It’s working for me. There isn’t any automatic redirect from the http site to the https version, so that might now be on the todo list, but not very high up.

I think email notifications should now be working, as should signing up or logging in with Google.