Omron Sysmac SCY- M1R PLC

I previously found small modern programming devices like the PRO-15 (~1988) with membrane keyboard and one line LCD. Omron (Japan) had some units compatible with Festo (Germany). Now I found this large device, maybe early 80s. I think it’s a programming unit.

The CPU unit looking similar but is much smaller. There’s also a smaller programming unit P1, this is SCY-P5R. And also one with a CRT, probably for the ladder logic.

Many buttons and many LEDs. Cassette connectors MIC, EAR.

I found some manuals but not for that specific device.
There are many connectors for relais. At least these seem to be addressed in octal. The numpad has keys 0-7 in white. 8+9 in yellow.
I have to more study the manuals.
Programming seems very simple. Instruction list maybe similar like the Siemens S5.