Oh, those Spectrum clones

I found this compendious site which details many clones, expansions and reinventions of Sinclair’s famous and hugely successful 1982 ZX Spectrum[1], dating from 1987 through to the modern day:

Here are two extreme examples from the site:

Above: Composite 48K by Vyacheslav G. Skutin, aka Captain Nemo. Perhaps from Leningrad, a design by Sergey Zonov.

Above, the ZX Spectrum S2008 by the Croatian team of Tomislav Talan, Ivan Siric, Zoran Boskovic, Suad Cokljat, Vlado Banda and Kresimir Slonjsek.

[1] “The world’s best personal computer for under £500


Love those keyboards.

ANother one is the Harlequin remake. Kit build and all discrete components. No funky ALU’s in sight.


Oh, that’s a good prompt to remind everyone of Chris Smith’s excellent book on the ULA internals - there are a couple of free chapters on his website:

In fact, in this photo we might even see Chris Smith’s own hands playing Chuckie Egg on his breadboarded remake:
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