Nice simple 8 bit graphics from 1981 (Apple, TRS-80, monochrome)

This video from J.B.Langston shows a nice simple set of graphics demos for Basic (a port to BBC Basic would be a splendid thing! Oh - but here it is!):

These plots come from an article by Bob Boothe entitled Advanced Graphics Techniques-Part II. The original article was published in the May 1981 issue of 80 Microcomputing Magazine and is available at here.

The programs were originally intended to run on a Tandy TRS-80 and generate printed images using a Base 2 dot matrix printer. To produce this video, I ported the BASIC routines to AppleSoft and ran them on my Apple IIe connected to a green phosphor Monitor II. The AppleSoft source code is available here

Here’s the article, “Advanced Graphic Techniques— Part II”