Nexon Computer Museum, Jeju, Korea

A few years ago now I visited the Nexon Computer Museum on Korea’s southern island of Jeju. It contains thousands of personal computer, video game consoles, arcade machines, and associated software items. One thing that sets them apart from other collections I have visited is their collection of retail packaging.

They have an operational Apple I, and a variety of machines principally from the USA and Korea.

There is a 360 degree virtual museum tour (requires Flash, switch to ENG before starting to avoid having to share Facebook credentials).

My Google Photos album of the museum gives away my personal interest in Atari. :sunglasses:


Oh that waffle! :+1:

Thanks for the photos!

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Very nice! I found a 360 video on YouTube:

(On a mobile device you can just look around, on desktop you need to scroll the view direction)

Although the museum is new to me, I see it already appears on @drealmer’s giant world map of computer history museums:

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Very nice! That would be one reason to go to Korea. Unfortunately I don’t understand a word of Korean, so I didn’t understand anything the lady in the 360 video said. I wonder if there’s anything like that in Japan - there’s nothing on @drealmer’s map, but I think there are more in existence than listed there (if not full museums, at least exhibitions).