New Video: Hosting a modern website on a retro HP 200LX Palmtop

Hi everyone!

I’ve just released my latest video on my 90’s Palmtop YouTube Channel “Palmtop Tube”:

“HP 200LX: Hosting a modern website on a Retro DOS Palmtop. Will this crazy idea work ?”

This is my largest video yet and took a LOT of work to research,
prepare, record and edit. I’d love it if take a peek.

My channel needs a website, and since my channel focuses on retro palmtops,
why not host the website on a retro palmtop!, the HP 200LX.

It might sound like a crazy idea, but if you watch the video,
which shows in detail how I set everything up,
you’ll be amazed at how well it works…

Please check out the video and visit the website afterwards…

I really need more subscribers, so it would be really helpful for me
if you could subscribe to my channel, hit the bell icon to receive updates
about new videos in the future, and leave a like and comment if you want.

I’m also interested in hearing your opinions and feedback regarding the video…

Thanks for your time!,

Your site loads a lot quicker than most other sites I encounter on a daily basis. :smiley:

Do you have any idea how many hits you are getting in any given period of time?


Yes, if you watch the video, in the 2nd half, go to the chapter “performance statistics” and there’s a detailed breakdown of hits per sec/minute/hour/day aswell as bandwidth etc… all in detail…
On average about 5.5 hits/sec with http and 4.5 hits/sec with https, but watch the part I mentioned of video to get the whole picture…



Ah, sorry. I started watching but didn’t get to the performance chapter. It’s impressive to see what can be done with modest hardware when the site isn’t overly complex.

Nice work! :slight_smile: