Neon816 MiniITX motherboard


Speaking of retro-modern, here’s a 65c816 on a MiniITX motherboard:

This is a few weeks old and I vaguely recall seeing it before, so apologies if it’s a duplicate from G+!

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8-bit Guy is designing a piece of hardware

I see hackaday wrote up this project-in-progress too:


Lenore, the creator of this is documenting her progress on Facebook (another invite-only group) It’s not clear to me if she’s going to go commercial on it, but seems to have bought an SMT pick & place unit and I suspect already has the reflow oven - which is a pretty fancy few things to have in your lab…

She says it’s also inspired by 8-bit Dave’s early video, so a C64-ish sort of thing, so that now makes 3 65816 systems inspired by his early video - The Foenix, Commander X64 and this Neon816… It’s the 80’s all over again :wink: