My retro archive, large 6502 update

While I was working on my KIM-1 emulator and researching the web and my own archive (paper, lots of files) I noticed that I could just as well publish more on my website and make it easy also for myself to find things.

So the site, devoted to SBCs and 6502 around 1980 got a lot of updates:

  • AIM 65 manuals, software, articles, magazines
  • Synertek SYM-1 SYM-2 KTM-2 manuals, software, articles, magazines
  • Jolt and Super Jolt, the first 6502 SBC with a TIM
  • John Bell engineering, new information added
  • Radio Bulletin archive (the dutch magazine I worked for around 1980)
  • KIM-1 software from tape, manuals, articles, magazines
  • 6502 books on my shelf