My 5volt VIC-II adaptor for 12volt boards prototype


This is my prototype adaptor, that makes a 12volt Commodore64 board able to run with a 5volt VIC-II chip. For stuff like testing if a VIC-II chip is working, when only a 12volt board is at hand. Need further polishing, and I have not actually tested it. Yeah… I know it is a quick and dirty creation.

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I like to see simple functional gadgets! I suppose the added height means this is only for an open-case machine? Or is there space in a breadbox?


It is only a concept or prototype if you like. And because it is simple, then it should be easy to make it shorter in height. I have ordered a different kind of socket, 10 in all, in order to make more. This is mostly for testing, like I wrote in the first place. :wink:


Just a note of a possible hazard: there are evidently different types of sockets, and I believe the ones used in Acorn’s Beeb get over-stretched if you put a turned-pin socket into them. Once you’ve done that, you have to continue to use the turned-pin socket - if you put a chip in directly, it makes bad contact and you have an unreliable machine.


Yup. I am aware of the issues. Yet I can always desolder the old socket and fix any damage. :slight_smile:

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It is working now…