Modern ARM based, TRS-80 Model 100-style portable

I’ve always dreamed of a modern Model 100 like portable computer. I just love the form factor and the ready to go compact appeal. Now there finally seems to be one on the horizon, the DevTerm kit by ClockwerkPi, scheduled for April 2021 (already available for preorder). There are several CPU options available and some more are apparently under consideration. At US$ 220 minimum it’s not exactly a cheap toy, but it comes with an Epson HX-20 style thermal printer and is designed for modular expandability.
(Looking at the pictures, I’m a bit sceptical about the keyboard, which looks a bit undersized. Not sure, if this will meet the famous typing experience of the Model 100 and its various siblings.)

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That is really something special. I hope it succeeds! I particularly like that they’ve made many similar compromises on their keyboard to those that I made on my Preonic and Ergodox to achieve a full layout with a narrower configuration.

Now if only it had an RS-232 port… :wink:

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I’ve clipped an image from their site:

BTW, does anyone know what the typewriter-style wheels on the sides are for? Are they just cosmetic? Are these functional scroll wheels? (I couldn’t find any hint on this on the website.)

From the exploded view picture of the case, they look like they are sort of rotary clips that hold the case together.

Looks lovely. I would like to try one. I’m not sure I can use a 65% keyboard, my hands are not small and I’m a touch typist so it may be hard to adjust. And age has made smaller screens ten times more difficult than it used to be (I remember when I had no problems reading 4point chars on paper… or even smaller. Things have… changed.). But it would be nice to try one out.

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Update: DevTerm is now featured on Hacker News.
HN discussion: