Mini-UNIX for your PDP-11 (or emulator or simulation)

I think we’ve mentioned this before, but I came across it again in a context of running on a Pico (emulating a PDP-11):

Mini-UNIX runs on a DEC PDP-11/10, 11/20 or 11/40 with at least the following equipment:

  • 28KW (56kB) of memory; parity not used.
  • RK05 disk (preferably two) or other supported disk (e.g. RP03 or RP04).
  • Console typewriter.
  • Clock: KW11-L or KW11-P.

Mini-UNIX is a simplified version of the full Sixth Edition UNIX system. It does not include these features:

  • Separate instruction and data spaces on hardware that supports these.
  • Group access permissions, or indeed anything to do with groups.
  • Timer-interrupt sampling and interprocess monitoring for debugging and measurement.
  • Unbuffered physical record I/O.

Note that Mini-UNIX does not require a memory management unit.

Also notable because this relates to a previous question:

the C compiler requires a minimum of 12kW (24kB) of memory to run

That Pico-hosted PDP-11 emulator is Pico_1140, “a PDP11/40 emulator that will run Unix v5/v6… an updated version of Dave Cheney’s CPP11”