"Micro Chart" CPU reference cards (6502, Z80, 8088/8086, 68000)

While reading a security newsletter (https://www.grc.com/sn/SN-977-Notes.pdf) I found references to, uh, reference cards, for 6502, Z80, 8088/8086, and 68000 instruction sets.

I collected them all and packed into one zip file, available for anyone here MicroChartReferenceCharts.zip - Google Drive

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I do like these handy references - so dense, but not difficult to find what you need. Thanks for sharing! An upload or two to the Internet Archive would be good too.

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There’s a bunch of other reference cards that MLC did beyond CPU reference ones, such as ones for 74xx and 40xx series chips.

I actually just gave the 74xx version (plus the 6502 one) to a friend of mine who I feel would be able to put them to more use than I would.

They’re great. Anyone got anything similar for other CPUs of retro interest: SC/MP, 6800, 6809, 6309, 2650, 1802, 8085, F8? The ‘two sides of one sheet’ is a great design goal. Although as an older person I may choose to print on A3 rather than A4. :slight_smile:

(The following found in a mail-to-self: “I keep losing the links to these and it takes ages to find them again, so here we are.”)

Jonathan Bowen of the Programming Research Group in Oxford prepared some one-page (or two-page) programmer’s reference cards in ASCII tabulation for a number of micros: 6502, z80, 6809. Even the 16032 and 32016 in a couple of pages!! And the 68k and 68008. And the PDP-11, Z8000 and Z8. And the 9900. And a Rubik’s Cube solution. And a guide to sc the spreadsheet program.

Jason Scott has collected many of them here:

For some of the microprocessor sheets see also here (although some of the links there may be dead).


The PDP 8 card is here

Thanks Ben - in this case a 12 page pocketable pamphlet. Scan here.

From November 1982 onwards Practical Electronics in the UK did similar info sheets every month starting with the 8080 and 8085. January 83 was the Z80, February was the 6502, RCA1802 in March 83, April the 6809, May was the PE Microcontroller (6800), TMS9900 in June, 8086 in July, 68000 in August, Z8000 in September 83, October was the 8748, 68701 in November, Z8 in January 84, March 84 was the Nat Semis 8073, May 84 the NSC800, 16032 in June, Z800 in July 84 - but - it seems these removable cards were removed before scanning, so dont appear in worldradiohistory archived scans.
They were very informative, showing the instruction set, addressing modes, clock requirements, special features, and so on. I have the MC6800 one and maybe a few more.

It would be great if you could scan and upload to the Internet Archive! (Even a phone photo can be pretty good, if you get good lighting and are careful about lining the phone up.)

Hi there,

I believe this is newer and also is a better quality scan:

6502 (65xx) Microprocessor Instant Reference Card.pdf (atarimania.com)



In addition to the CPU charts, it seems “Micro Chart” also made language ones and I have their old C Language one.

Sadly, it’s somewhat yellowed and brittle - I suspect for many years lying on a desk. So there are cracks and bits missing.

Found this copy online

Which is green - the one I have is yellow. Maybe it’s just yellowed with time…



I have the folded reference card for the 2650. I will be traveling in the next two weeks, but will post an update after that.